Employer Brand
is what we do

We help companies build and strengthen their employer brand to create a competitive advantage in the labor market

This is How We Do It

Strategic consulting

The right start for any challenge

Research, building a strategy, creating a creative kit for employer branding, and formulating a work plan 

Projects Management

Everything you'll need to get going

Career page, brand ambassadors, content and networks, candidate experience, Glassdoor, and more

Courses and Training

What you need to know and practice

Courses, workshops, and lectures for management, human resources teams, marketing, and advertising departments

We Are The Mitzna Team

Inbal Mitzna

Brand & Character

Raz Mitzna

Strategy & Passion

Yasmin Tiano Einat

Research & Brains

Hagar Man Sarusi

Digital & Miracles

Rona Yakobi

Creative & Glam

Ido Ben-Dor

Creative & Fun

Many companies have t allot to offer to employees but need help with how to tell it.

If you want to engage your current employees and signal your potential employees outside that you are an attractive employer, we are your partner on the way.

We help companies build their story as a workplace, give it words and form, and embed it in all channels and touchpoints in the organization internally and in external communication.

We are a boutique consulting firm for employer branding. This is our specialty. This is the passion. For eight years now, with the help of our clients and partners, we have been helping companies build their employer branding to attract and retain excellent employees. We will be happy to help you too.

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